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Reupholstery Sofa Service | Reupholstery Sofa Design

Why reupholster your sofas?

Reupholstery sofa First sing that your sofa need updated or reupholster your sofa is your cushions are too soft or fabric is worn out and that sofa is just perfect for the room, and you can't seem to find a current style anywhere that you like? Or do you have a chair that has been passed down for generations and you just can't part with it? You may be just the perfect candidate for reupholstery sofa.

We can reupholster your existing pieces in a limitless number of fabrics.  We can simply recover an existing piece with new fabric, but you may want to restuff your  pillows and cushions, and replace or repair the frame and springs.

As each reupholstery job is unique, the pricing will vary from job to job.  We have standard rates for most pieces, but the more details you can provide us, the more accurate a quote we can provide.  Details like length and depth of your furniture are the most important, but details about how many cushions, color, shape, foam, and other info help as well.  Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. Get our reupholstery sofa service now.

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