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About Upholstery and Slipcovers

Upholstery and Slipcovers Upholstery was formerly Mario's upholstery at the beginning. We have being in business since 1976 serving all areas in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and much more.

WM upholstery what mean?

The furniture upholsterer is a professional who specializes in upholstery of home furniture and other household or industrial installations such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The furniture upholsterer has experience and skills to upholster chairs, armchairs, sofas, stools, headboards and other standard pieces in the home.

Upholstery and Slipcover upholstery Services is offering a full upholstery service in Sherman Oaks. Bringing the best re upholstery service to your home, commercial or residential upholstery in Sherman Oaks California, slipcovers, furniture upholstery, chair sofas, patio cushion and restaurant booth.

Our goal is to give our customers 100% satisfaction with a good service and an excellent workmanship. Our crew will comply with our customer’s expectation in a professional upholstery and slipcover upholstery furniture service.

We offer a variety custom upholstery service such us:

It is a pleasure to serve you.

WM Upholstery and Slipcover.